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About TourBeds Flights

TourBeds Flights homepage

TourBeds Flights is an online flight booking search platform launched by TourBeds in 2015 that is now part of TourBeds Global. Its innovative, open-ended searches are based on multiple criteria (not just the destination). Thus, the user can search for flight tickets during a specific time range and within a certain budget to receive suggestions for various possible destinations.

Flight suggestions on TourBeds Flights

The user can also a destination and receive a daily price estimate for the next 12 months in the form of a graph or table, which makes it pretty easy to find the cheapest date for a flight.

So, what are the advantages of TourBeds Flights for travelers?

Here are some:

·         Convenient flight search with multiple filters, such as the number of stops on the way, airlines, prices, desired departure and arrival times, connecting airports, bags, the maximum flight length, and more.

·         TourBeds Flights offers access to almost all airlines and users can also book flights directly.

·         The platform is unparalleled in terms of showing flight availability for the coming 12 months and helping users find the cheapest alternative. One can sign up for alerts to shift travel dates if the price is more beneficial.

·         The platform allows for searching from various airports, which can significantly influence the price.

·         In the menu found on the top left corner, users can change their country, language, and currency to assist the search process.

Trip suggestions on TourBeds Flights

Is There a TourBeds Flights Affiliate Program? If So, How Can I Join?

As TourBeds Flights is one of the most popular online flight booking services  around the world and in the United State and Europe, many webmasters often inquire if the platform has an affiliate program. However, TourBeds Flights doesn’t have its own affiliate program.


Partner Program for B2B Travel Agencies is another major metasearch engine that compares airfare from carriers around the world for Travel agencies. This platform also allows users to search for cheap hotels and charter flights and Airport transfers.


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