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B2B FLIGHT TICKET MARKETPLACE Affordable and Cheap for Travel Agency

TOURBEDS GLOBAL has best planning and programming departments with its professional team to achieve good results by using advanced and quality applications in travel fields.
It cooperates closely with tourism agencies. Getting a B2B user is quick and easy. All you need to do is have a tourism agency license!

Which Flight Tickets Are Available on B2B Portal?

Agency B2B System includes tickets for all Airlines.
In B2B Portal for agency, it is possible to access Airlines operating Regular Flights (Scheduled Flights) and Charter Flights (Contracted Flights), operating according to seasonal density. And based on this, can find cheap flight tickets for your passengers, When find affordable tickets for passengers, you earn good profit by gaining passenger satisfaction.

Abundance of Opportunities in Finding Cheap Flight Tickets in B2B System

Due to all airlines are available in B2B System, there are many chances to catch new opportunities every day. So can quickly and easily compare flights of more than 500 airlines for your customers and buy cheapest flight ticket. You are able to search one-way, two-way and multi-way flight ticket. You will have last price list for directions from lowest to highest and filter flights as you wish.

Flight Ticket Price in B2B System with Monthly Chart:

When flight ticket are looking for is listed in Agency B2B System, when click on graphic section, will see daily flight ticket prices in graphic form. In this case, your chances of getting a cheaper flight ticket will increase.

Easy and Detailed Filtering to Find Flight Ticket Want in B2B System:

When flight ticket are looking for is listed, there are filtering tools listed below on left side of screen.
1- Flight: Nonstop (Direct Flights) - 1 connecting or more than 1 connecting Filtering
2- Time: Departure time filter - landing time filter - Transfer Time filter (Waiting time at transferred airport)
3- Airport: With airport filter, can remove airport do not want to go to from list.
4- Airlines Filtering: Opportunity to choose which airline flights want to see
5- Price Filtering: Filter prices from less to more or vice versa
6- Luggage Filtering: Filters flights with or without luggage
7- Seat Class: Search opportunity by choosing Economy, Comfort, Business or First Class

Purchased Flight Ticket Invoice

When register to Agency B2B System, company informationTax Office and Number are requested. When a flight ticket or hotel reservation is made, when service is performed, an invoice will be issued and sent to according to product purchased on behalf of your company.

Power and Self-Confidence with B2B System:

By using TourBeds Global B2B Portal, can instantly make your reservations for each nationality without need to anyone else. This will give more strength and self-confidence.

Flight Ticket Online Sales Office and Customer Services:

You can always reach customer service team online for all your questions, flight ticket changes, cancellations and to track your flight status. You buy your flight ticket at first price see, and no extra fee is added afterwards. If have an extra request or want to add extra luggage, price will change accordingly.

International Flight Tickets B2B System

If want to find a flight ticket without any problems while searching for international flight tickets, TourBeds Agency is always with with B2B System! TourBeds B2B Agency Portal is easiest way to find flight ticket are looking for easily and quickly. Planning client trips is easier than think! Forget complicated procedures of purchasing flight tickets and discover ticket that best suits for your customer.

Save Time When Making Flight Plans

Planning a trip may take time, but once make your planning, can save time when purchasing flight tickets with Agency B2B System. With a few simple filters, can immediately choose flight ticket that suitable to customer.

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